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Subject: Re: BOB
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-11-14, 23:02

In article <129@3cpu.UUCP> mke@3cpu.UUCP ( Mike Miller) writes:
> >I really think its past time for them to get rid of the BOB plotline.  I'm
> >past tired of young women on being brutally murdered on the show.  

You sure tire early.  This is the first one!

Laura was already dead when the show started -- she wasn't brutally
murdered on the show.

The other attacks on women that we've seen have been part of non-BOB
subplots: Leo/Shelley, Jean/Blackie, Hank/Catherine.

> >the 11/10
> >episode where Maddy is almost certainly killed had by far the most disturbing
> >scene I've ever seen on TV.  

Got a tape of Challenger?  But from a horror fiction standpoint I agree.

> >I havn't even been mildly freaked by anything
> >else that has went on before.  

It would seem hard not to be at least 'mildly' freaked by Ronette's
vision.  I sure fluttered.

> >There seem to be plenty of other plots going, so why do they keep dragging this
> >out?

Because this one isn't RESOLVED yet, and the others aren't far enough
along to guarantee audience interest by themselves.  (They may never be.)

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