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Subject: Re: Cooper's in Trouble/Speculation on Next Week
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-14, 22:16

In article , Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU writes...

} 1) He arrested a prominent member of the community, in a manner that
} will damage his reputation, on pretty flimsy evidence partly supplied by
} his daughter, with whom Cooper has had something approaching a romantic
} relationship.  This isn't going to look good.

[And so forth...]

You're missing an important part. They did arrest Ben for suspicion of
murder. They explicitly stated that they were bringing him in *for
questioning* about the murder of Laura Palmer.

Cooper's evidence wasn't strong enough to build a court case on, but it
was clearly sufficient for Probable Cause to bring Ben in for questioning.

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