Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Is Twin Peaks anti-woman? Are Twin Peaks fans?
From: (Michael L. Kaufman)
Date: 1990-11-14, 13:15

In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
> >I disagree. If a man wants to screw anything that moves, people think its
> >natural -- "He's just sowing his wild oats."

A lot of people say this, but I don't buy it.  I can think of many examples of
this sort of character in moives and books and I can't think of a single recent
one where it is considered positive behavior.   When guys stand on the street
corner wistling at every woman that walks by, we don't say there are sowing
their oats, we say they are assholes.

> >So she wants to do it on the floor with James? So what?

On the floor?  In a Jail?  Through the bars?  When anyone could just walk in?
None of thes things seem a little strange to you?  I don't know, maybe we have
a different idea of what constitutes weird sexual behavior.

> >} Just as, if James had made this suggestion to Donna we would call him
> >} (oh, I don't know), an asshole.
> >Yeah, but no one would think he was deviant because of it.

Sure we would. Well, maybe not devient. But I never said that.  My point is 
that we would not view what he was doing as a positive thing, just as some of
us don't consider Donna's behavior as a positive thing.

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