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Subject: Re: Odd Things (Navy in Town??)
Date: 1990-11-14, 13:32

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From: (Steve Simmons)
Subject: Re: Odd Things
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Date: 13 Nov 90 02:35:11 GMT
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Organization: Inland Sea
Lines: 15 answers the question of why the sailors were in TP:

> > Hate to do it folks, but there's a perfectly rational reason.  The US
> > Navy maintains a nuclear reactor at a training facility in Idaho.  Given
> > the indeterminate location of Twin Peaks, it's not at all unlikely
> > they'd schedule a social/work outing at a 'nearby' resort town.
Unfortunately, the reactor training facility is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 
If we accept that Twin Peaks is 12 miles from the Canadian border (from Cooper)
then Twin Peaks is ~100 miles closer to the ocean than it is to Idaho Falls,
and Twin Peaks is definately not a 'nearby' resort town to Idaho Falls.  Too
bad 8^( I liked this idea.

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