Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Sarah Palmer has a spinal injury
From: (Barrett P. Eynon)
Date: 1990-11-14, 20:35

In article <> (Fiona Oceanstar) writes:
> >
> >Sarah Palmer has a spinal injury.  She does not (to this physician)
> >appear drugged, psychologically overcome, unconscious, or any of the 
> >other vague states that have been suggested.  She appears as alert
> >and functional as anyone *could* appear, when they have severe spinal
> >injury ("broken back") which has resulted in the paralysis of their
> >whole lower body.  Sarah is crawling down the stairs because she's
> >half-paralyzed.  You can clearly see her "dead" legs dragging after
> >her in one overhead shot.
> >
> >							--Fiona Oceanstar

This feels right to me, too, though I'm no physician. I do think she
passes out after seeing the white horse, as I don't remember any sign
of consciousness from here during the attack on Maddy. 

But here's the interesting question: does this mean we will see Sara
in a wheelchair next episode, just like Donna's mother? We never did
get an explanation for that...

Still shivering,
Barry Eynon
Barry Eynon