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Subject: Re: TP:Ideas(SPOILERS)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-14, 22:40

In article <>, (Chuck Musciano) writes...

} Consider: production often runs 12, 14 hours a day.

But not for everyone. She could appear already made up, film the scenes
with her in them (note that until Episode #14, Tojamura never appeared
in more than one scene an episode), and left. I'd be surprised if she
spent more than a couple of hours on the set.

} She would have to keep up the charade all the time, eating, talking
} to everyone else, going to the bathroom.

The first and last aren't necessarily applicable if she wasn't there all
day. As far as "talking to everyone else", part of the cover was that
Fumio couldn't speak English (and had an interpreter around -- undoubtedly,
they made sure that no one else in the cast spoke Japanese :-)) and was
quite stand-offish.

} And most importantly: even seeing her in low-res TV, most of us realized
} that was a woman in drag. How easy would it be to determine this up close
} and personal?

This was the foundation of my assertion that he was not she. I dislike the
"drapes over the eyes" business that someone else postulated. If "we"
(quotes because *I* didn't think that "he" looked like a woman in drag)
can see through the disguise, Ben should have, too.

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