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Subject: Re: TP:Ideas(SPOILERS)
From: (Chuck Musciano)
Date: 1990-11-14, 09:08

In article , (Jason F. Harvey) writes:
> > 3) It was said in the USA TODAY that not even the cast members new that
> > the asian was Piper Laurie.

     This is almost as bad as the ghost in Three Men and a Baby!  If you really
believe that Piper Laurie ran around in drag for weeks, completely unknown to
the rest of the cast, I've got some land for you here in Florida.

     Consider: production often runs 12, 14 hours a day.  She would have to
keep up the charade all the time, eating, talking to everyone else, going
to the bathroom.  You have to have her made up off-site, since she would 
appear as Fumio when she arrived for work each day.  She'd have to have all
sorts of lies made up, since the first things people will ask is "Where have
you worked before?"

    And most importantly: even seeing her in low-res TV, most of us realized
that was a woman in drag.  How easy would it be to determine this up close
and personal?  The biggest tip-off was her skin.  Her face was smooth, with
no shadow, even though she had this humongous moustache.  In those close-ups,
with Pete or Ben, the other actor would instantly see the makeup and fake

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