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Subject: Re: TP:Ideas(SPOILERS)
From: scott@bbxsda.UUCP (Scott Amspoker)
Date: 1990-11-14, 11:45

In article <> (Chuck Musciano) writes:
> >In article , (Jason F. Harvey) writes:
>> >> 3) It was said in the USA TODAY that not even the cast members new that
>> >> the asian was Piper Laurie.
> >
> >     This is almost as bad as the ghost in Three Men and a Baby!  If you really
> >believe that Piper Laurie ran around in drag for weeks, completely unknown to
> >the rest of the cast, I've got some land for you here in Florida.

I'm not sure about that.  The Asian man was only in a few scenes.
Shooting schedules are carefully planned.  Cast members don't just
hang around the set drinking coffee all day if they are not needed.
It is possible that most of the cast never met Ms. Laurie while she 
was in drag.  Also, she supposedly couldn't speak any English and
did not mingle with other cast members.

I'm not saying that I wholeheartedly believe this story, I just
can't dismiss it so easily.

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