Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who BOB is
From: (susan.hallander)
Date: 1990-11-14, 13:14

I think that Leland as a boy destroyed BOB's house with BOB in it 
while he was playing with matches. BOB was probably molesting the 
boy Leland so maybe Leland burned BOB in self defense. BOB's angry 
spirit has been tormenting Leland ever since. Remember the matches 
that Leland dropped in the station house when he went to say that 
he knew the man in the picture? He remembered BOB as an old neighbor
of his, but the police can't find any record  of a Robert Robertson 
in the house next to the one Leland spent time in as a child - that's 
because BOB's house was destroyed by fire. Of course, Leland has
supressed all this.

Did anybody notice that Norma's diner is named "RR" - BOB's initials?