Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks, one year later
From: (Bob Nolty)
Date: 1990-11-14, 14:54

Imagine if you will, Twin Peaks one year after Laura's murder.  At the rate
we're going ( < 1 day per episode) this will take about 400 episodes, or
20 seasons.  Of course by then the actors playing high school students will
be well into their 40s, but they're all well into their 20s now and no one

DALE COOPER - is retired from the FBI, and running a Tibetan souvenir shop
for pocket money -- the real family income comes from his wife,

AUDREY COOPER - who is running the family business with her Uncle JERRY, 
what with BENJAMIN having been jailed for a variety of felonies committed
across state and national boundaries.  (He'll go to jail during the 1996
season, I predict.)  Occasionally the Coopers play bridge with their best

HARRY and JOSIE TRUMAN -- Harry is still unaware of Josie's various behind-
the-scenes felonies, and appears happy.  He is mayor of Twin Peaks, having
left the Sherriff's office in the capable hands of

ANDY - who has become quite the ladies' man, breaking the heart of

-- well, I could go on and on.  Anyone else want to make some predictions?
You won't have to eat crow until 2010 or so.