Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Various
From: (The Ulair)
Date: 1990-11-14, 12:25

On the subject of multiple BOB hosts:

   In my view, this would render nearly any discussion of WKLP or WKTB
or WKMF (or TP for that matter)totally pointless. And if BOB can have multiple
hosts, why hasn't he destroyed Cooper or Phil Gerrard yet? They pose the
greatest threat to him, if anyone actually does.

   And I have never heard of a multiple personality disorder that managed
to manifest in several physically seperate people if there is more than one
host, but BOB is just some mental creation of Leland or Laura or Phil Gerrard.

  Last I heard, the 11/10 episode won its slot, at least half-way through it.

Ending scene:
      I, like nearly all of us here, have seen far worse. I was somewhat
reminded of the end of LOOKING FOR MR.GOODBAR. I am struck, however, by 
the feeling of utter helplessness as it unfolds clearly before your eye.
No dim lights, no suggestive shadows on the wall. That, and the knowledge
that perhaps you don't have to be corrupted the way Laura was for BOB to strike
at you anyway. The violence was pretty mild. The intensity of the scene and the 
handling of the follow-up at the roadhouse are what truly bring its impact.
Remember what Cooper said about how death is not a faceless thing in Twin
Peaks. Here, we were made to feel it, too.


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