Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Log Lady Quote
From: (Kathleen Hunt)
Date: 1990-11-15, 21:30

From: (C. Kurt Svihla)

> >...  We also know that the log lady's husband died the day after they
> >were married.  Judging from her apparent age of 60 or so, this would also have

*Sixty* or so??  She looks more like 40 to me.  

> >... "My husband was a logging man.  He met the devil. The devil is fire,
> >hidden in smoke." ... 

Just thought I'd mention that the line actually reads:
"Fire is the devil, hiding like a coward in the smoke."

Better cadence that way, with the strange twist of "coward" thrown in.

Though I really shouldn't be correcting other people's quotes when I myself
actually forgot the "She's filled with secrets" line from the speech by
the Man From Another Place.  And I knew that line, too!  My brain crashed,
I guess.  Oh well.

In about a week I'll post some more additions and corrections to the quote
list.  Please continue sending me your favorite quotes from new episodes
(and old ones too).