Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Lucy News (and other bits)
From: kbiglione@cdp.UUCP
Date: 1990-11-15, 20:57

     Some brief yet interesting Twin Peaks notes.  Kimmy Robertson
(Lucy) was on KROQ this morning.  While she refused to reveal any
substantial information (claims she doesn't know what's going on)
she did have a few interesting anecdotes.
1.   Apparently there was a scene explaining why the Navy personnel
     were bouncing the rubber balls at the Great Northern.  For
     some unknown reason the scene was edited out. [It must have
     something to do with General whats his name and that space
     research stuff].
2.   No one on the set knew that Piper Laurie was playing the part
     of the Chinese businessman.  Jack Vance was very disturbed by
     this new character and kept asking fellow cast members "where
     did they get this weird person."
3.   It is Lucy's theory that Sarah Palmer is psychic and because
     of this BOB was forced to incapacitate her before inhabiting
She also hinted that there may be a possibility that BOB has
utilized Ben Horne as a host.  So we may not be absolutely certain
who killed Laura.  Although the Hollywood Reporter recently
theorized that Maddy was Laura, and since Leland killed Maddy he
really killed Laura.  In which case, the real question all along
has been "Who Killed Madaline".
In interviews various cast members have been hinting that the next
three episodes will be the strangest yet.
We'll see.