Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Cherry Pie and Doughnuts
From: (Jym Dyer)
Date: 1990-11-15, 21:48

> > Does one eat one's cherry pie hot or cold and with or
> > without cream/custard etc.
|I|t can be hot or cold, usually depending on the season.  It will
`-' typically be available cold, with the option to heat it.  One
    often puts whipped cream on top of it.

> > Is it traditional or is there a damned good reason for Lucy
> > laying the doughnuts out in piles of two or three.
|I|t isn't traditional.  A popular stereotype about American
`-' police is that they're always hanging out at donut shops.
    Upon closer examination, one finds that they're usually
    there for the coffee.
|T|he donut setup in _Twin_Peaks_ works from this stereotype.
`-' It's a joke about a police officer's dream come true:
    Donuts!  Donuts!  Donuts!

> > Where can I buy a damned fine coffee?
|B|elieve it or not, there's a franchise in America called Dunkin'
`-' Donuts, which has the best damned coffee I've ever found out-
    side a coffeehouse.  Just come to America and follow the
    police cars.