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Subject: Re: Favorite quotes
From: (News system owner ID)
Date: 1990-11-15, 10:55
Reply-to: ingria@BBN.COM

In article <> writes:
   The correct form of Andy's sperm speech follows thus:

		    The Tacoma sperm bank was looking for donors
		    so of course I volunteered.  It's my civic
		    duty, and besides, I like whales.  The doctors
		    there told me I was sterile.  Sure I thought that
		    meant I didn't have to take a bath, but they told
		    me the truth.  They said I couldn't have babies.
		    So what I want to know is, how come you're having
		    one and with whom?

Actually, it's:

Listen to me, Lucy Moran, you just listen.  When the Takoma
Sperm Bank was looking for donors, naturally I applied.  It's my civic
duty and I like whales.  A routine physical examination revealed that
I'm sterile.  Sure I thought it meant that I didn't have to take a
bath, but the doctors told me the truth.  They told me I can't have
babies.  So what I wanna know now is why are you having one and how?


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