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Subject: Re: Is Twin Peaks anti-woman? Are Twin Peaks fans?
From: (Gordon Thorpe)
Date: 1990-11-15, 11:34
Reply-to: gthorpe@ferret.RTech.COM (Gordon Thorpe)

In article <60830@bbn.BBN.COM> eboneste@BBN.COM (Liz Bonesteel) writes:
> >Perhaps the problem here is that the attitude expressed is one of my
> >personal pet peeves: men who claim that women are incomprehensible.
> >There are a lot of them.  They piss me off.  Perhaps my reaction was
> >an overreaction because of that; but I don't really see any change or
> >clarification of this attitude in subsequent episodes.  Take Lucy, for
> >example.  To those of us who know what's going on in her life, her
> >behavior makes perfect sense.  But this gang doesn't even *try* to
> >understand;