Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Minor continuity error
From: ("Lefty")
Date: 1990-11-15, 14:16

In article <> writes:
> > For all his talents, Lynch is not an astronomer. Cooper filled us in that
> > about 13 days have passed during the course of the show. In one of the first
> > few episodes, we saw a full moon, and again last night we saw the full moon.
> > Now, it's quite impossible to go from full moon to full moon in two weeks.
> > And we saw other phases of the moon that were just as out of place. I just
> > think shows are much more enjoyable when even the little details are
> > taken care of.

Hey!  I _agree_ with you!  I think they should only film the series one or 
(at most) two days a _month_ in order to make sure that they manage to 
keep the phases of the moon straight!

Write your Congressman.  Sheesh!

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