Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Odd Things (Navy in town)
From: (Dale Schouten)
Date: 1990-11-15, 11:08

In article <> (Brad May) writes:

>> >>In Episode 1 Cooper says to Diane that Twin Peaks is 5 miles south of the
>> >>Canadian border and 12 miles east of the *state* border.  No state speci-
>> >>fied at that time.
  . . .
> >sodes.  But many other things would not make sense, such as Josie's shopping 
> >trip to Seattle the night of the fire, which would then only be a 1/2 hour 
> >drive!

More like a 2-1/2 hour drive.

> >Could Cooper have said 12 miles *west* of the state border?

I don't remember for sure, but at the time that was my impression.
As someone pointed out, Eastern Washington is mostly dry and cold, desert-like.
I'm not terribly familiar with it, but from a map I checked, the far NE corner
of the state does appear to be forests and mountains.  Nevertheless, I'm
still in agreement with the majority (or at least plurality :-) of the net
in believing that what they're really describing is some spot in the
cascades, perhaps on the eastern side.  12 miles inland and 5 miles South
(I can't see them saying 12 mi east of stateborder unless it was a glitch
cuz there is no real western border, just the coast, unless maybe we're
all confused and they're really talking about Washington D.C. :-) is pretty
near Lynden WA which has some beautiful farmland and a great view of Mt Baker
(and a church on nearly every corner) but is still a ways from the mountains
in which TP seems to be nestled (and which special agent Cooper was driving
through at the time).

Basically, IMHO, the exact placement of TP was probably just pulled out of
the air.  They probably never dreamed a bunch of computer geeks would
spend months arguing about it :-)

They probably also never realized that after seeing the 11/10 episode that
some people would still be wondering WKLP!

Dale Schouten