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Subject: Re: TP: Understanding BOB (was Re: Cooper's in Trouble/Speculation on Next Week)
From: grega@hpcuhd.HP.COM (Number 6)
Date: 1990-11-15, 13:50


> >Cooper really is in over his head, as his boss suggested.  I think this
> >is one of the meanings of his expression in the last scene in episode 14.

> >1) He arrested a prominent member of the community, in a manner that
> >will damage his reputation, on pretty flimsy evidence partly supplied by
> >his daughter, with whom Cooper has had something approaching a romantic
> >relationship.  This isn't going to look good.

Ben was not arrested.  He was merely asked to "come down to the station"
--no the same thing at all.  It was BEN who made the fuss about it and had
to be removed forceably.

> >2) He ignored physical evidence.  What is Ben Horne's blood type?  AB-? 
> >Not likely.  A call to Doc Hayward could've eliminated him as a suspect,
> >or at least made Cooper more cautious.

Yeah, but since when has TP done anything based on physical evidence?
This is one of my biggest gripes with the show; Cooper is supposed to be
such a hot-shot Special Agent and he doesn't even attempt to piece
together the order of events at the crime scene based on more physical
evidence than most REAL crimes ever get to dream for.

> >3) He got carried away by the psychic part of the show.  OK, so Mike
> >apparently pointed to Ben, but you can't rely on him.  

Total agreement here -- as I indicated above.

> >Leland will probably get Maddy out of town somehow, dump the body
> >somewhere, and pretend that she left early the next morning without
> >saying good-bye to anyone.  

If Maddy dissappears, Leland is screwed.  Let's face it, after Ben and
Leland, there ARE no other suspects.  And now, Ben is in custody!

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