Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Alien Theory of Twin Peaks
From: gary@racine.ACA.MCC.COM (Gary Knight)
Date: 1990-11-16, 12:41

	Some of you may recall that toward the end of the initial season, 
and long before the Major disclosed his SETI connection, I posted a note to 
the effect that I believed Cooper was an alien (without knowledge of the 
fact), that some other characters were aliens, and that the ideas of alien 
visitation and alien abductions (killings, implants, etc.) were the basis 
underlying everything that goes on in Twin Peaks.  So much for setting my 
priority on the idea.

	Now I want to extend that theory further.  I think virtually 
everyone in Twin Peaks is an alien, masquerading in one or more human 
skins.  I think it is a staging area for alien anthropology field teams that 
are checking out this planet.  Some points:

	1) The government may not be in on it, but it's aware enough that 
something is going on to put a SETI listening post near Twin Peaks.

	2) Cooper has unusual powers, as do several other Twin Peaks 
characters, yet his inability to remember his true origin as an alien and his 
deep cover role manifests in the childlike wonder with which he views the 

	3) The various groups moving in and out (Icelanders, Norwegians, 
orientals, military units, etc.) are simply field teams coming and going 
about their business.

	4) Bob is to the alien community what Lucifer is to Christian 
mythology -- the fallen angel, the renegade.  Mike is the good angel and is 
doing battle to prevent Bob from creating further damage and frustrating 
the purpose of the mission.  But Bob is good at what he does and therein 
lies the main conflict in the Twin Peaks saga.

	5) Some of the key townspeople, such as Ben Horne and Sheriff 
Truman, are local organizers of the alien expedition and are responsible for 
the flow of personnel and information.  Ben Horne has the hotel, of course, 
which is a perfect cover for lots of travel; and Harry Truman has the 
communications capability to monitor what's happening.

	6) The giant is probably the head of the alien task force and 
manifests himself to Cooper in an attempt to help Cooper restore his 
identify and to fight the renegade alien Bob.

	7) The dramatic personality shifts (e.g., Donna) are probably due to 
problems associated with the aliens' struggle with their human identities.

	8) One-Eyed Jack's is simply a lab for observing human behavior 
under special conditions.

	9) The owls are similar to the AI animals in Blade Runner -- 
observation mechanisms placed about to keep track of particular activities 
under investigation.

	I could go on (and on . . .), but you get the idea.  Next episode, watch 
for data that fits the theory -- pretty soon you'll see that almost 
everything fits!  Any takers out there?

-- Gary Knight Technology Strategy Section MCC 3500 W. Balcones Center Dr. phone 512/338-3694 Austin TX 78759-6509 fax 512/338-3898