Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: David Lynch=Thomas Pynchon
Date: 1990-11-16, 12:50

            Here is my theory, (which is mine, ahh-hmm).

            David Lynch is really Thomas Pynchon.  They both have been      
     linked to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) and seem to have the same
     interests in conspiracies and popular culture.  My theory is that
     Pynchon got tired of doing purely literary work and wanted to do 
     something visual. Now since film-making is a collaborative art and
     he wanted to keep his Pynchon anonymity, he just developed the
     Lynch character (who would fit nicely in a Pynchon novel).  Maybe
     this is all performance art.  Now I'm sure someone can prove me
     wrong in a zillion ways, but just think about it ...