Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Pain! was, Re: TP nightmare
From: (Barbara Hlavin)
Date: 1990-11-16, 16:52

In article <> (Blue Dragon) writes:
> >
> >Question:  I've noticed that it doesn't seem to be possible to see the
> >letter hidden underneath the fingernail from the top of the fingernail.
> >Do you think it's possible that the letter also doesn't cause any pain?
> >Maybe the missing "E" is underneath Jacoby's fingernail, and he just 
doesn't realize it...

Oh, my GAWD!  Have you ever had a splinter under the quick of 
your fingernail?  I squeaked with agony and hid my face when 
Cooper retrieved the letter from beneath Laura's nail in the 
very first show.  He sank those tweezers DEEP under the nail. 

And if Leland/BOB needs to insert the letter with an exacto 
knife, you *know* he's cutting flesh that is extremely sensitive -- 
what do you think we have fingernails *for*?


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