Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Question about Lynch and politics
From: (Joe Salmons)
Date: 1990-11-16, 06:14

I haven't been reading a.t.t-p very long, so sorry if this has come up before
(hell, what hasn't come up here).  Somebody told me that Lynch has at least
acted in interviews like a serious Reagan-styled rightwinger, a real old
fashioned macho-type guy.  I laughed pretty hard about it then, but that was
before the questions about sexism in TP.  What's the deal?  

Another point, more directly about the show:  the TP community does not strike
me as role model material on ANY count, sex roles or anything else.  Lynch is
painting a pretty dismal world here, for whatever reason, not exactly the 
socialist realist approach to TV. In the middle of all the greed, corruption,
violence, deceit, etc., a progressive set of gender roles would not fit the
pattern.  One of Cooper's early mistakes was seeing TP as an idyllic place,
wasn't it?