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Subject: Re :Re: Log Lady Quote
From: (C. Kurt Svihla)
Date: 1990-11-16, 07:15

In article <>, (Kathleen Hunt) writes...
> >From: (C. Kurt Svihla)
> > 
>> >>...  We also know that the log lady's husband died the day after they
>> >>were married.  Judging from her apparent age of 60 or so, this would also have
> > 
> >*Sixty* or so??  She looks more like 40 to me.  

* I know some 40 year-old women - Margaret looks older than that to me.  Norma
(Peggy Lipton) is about 40 - do she and Margaret appear to be coeval? I
may have been stretching it a bit to fit my theory, but, hey, even Einstein
fudged a little.  Besides, I was referring to the age of the character, not the
actress - I think we can allow for a few years of discrepancy.  Sherilyn Fenn
is 25, after all, (I think) and she's playing a character who's all of 17 or 18
I still think there must be a connection between the death of the LLH and BOB.

>> >>... "My husband was a logging man.  He met the devil. The devil is fire,
>> >>hidden in smoke." ... 
> > ...
> >Just thought I'd mention that the line actually reads:
> >"Fire is the devil, hiding like a coward in the smoke."
> > 
> >Better cadence that way, with the strange twist of "coward" thrown in.
> >...
> > Jespah

* Thanks for the correction. I was quoting from an imperfect memory, and should
have indicated a paraphrase.     - K.
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