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Subject: Re: 11/10 - great episode, thoughts and questions
From: (Tiny Bubbles...)
Date: 1990-11-16, 17:42

In <> ("Lefty") writes:
> >In article <> long-morrow@CS.YALE.EDU (H. Morrow Long) 
> >writes:
>> >> I have heard that TP starts earlier than 10PM in Mountain and Pacific time
>> >> zones, is that true?
> >Nope.
> >10 pm out here on the Left Coast.

It does, however, start at 9 p.m. in the Mountain and *Central* time zones,
as most network shows are synchronized to start at the same time on the
coasts (East and West).  Those of us in Hicksville get everything an hour

This means that by 10 p.m., we have THREE hours before the bars close at the
disgustingly early hour of 1 a.m.  Three hours to drink away our confusion,
if we can keep our alcohol down while thinking about BOB/Leland and 
Maddy/Maddie (um... how do you spell that????)
        ... Michael Ho, University of Nebraska
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