Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: "O" or "D"
From: timr@sco.COM (Bad Hurts Value)
Date: 1990-11-16, 16:39
Reply-to: (Harold Allen Smithee)

In article <> (Daniel Pearl) writes:
> >In article <10372@ur-cc.UUCP> (Chris Coleman's girlfriend) writes:
>> >>My friends and I were debating the same thing..whether the letter under
>> >>Maddy's fingernail was an "O" or a "D"..while the net consenus is an "O", we
>> >>went through the scene in slowmotion and frame by frame on the VCR a
>> >>couple of times and the letter is a "D". Only our humble opinion,
>> >>however.Can anybody else confirm it?
> >
> >When the letter first appeared, it seemed as though it was a "D", but 
> >several frames later, the letter appeared to be an "O".

My first reaction was also that it was a "D".  In reviewing the tape
in real time, it still looks like a "D" to me, but my freeze frame
was too grainy to confirm one way or another.

> >I figure the paper was a little bent in the middle.  When first seen,
> >we see the left side of the paper more edge-on than the right side,
> >yielding the phantom "D" effect...

i'll buy this, simply becuase i don't want to believe that BOB is
spelling out a personalized license plate.

also, with regards to the ``Where, then, is the missing "E"?''
question, my first thought was of Jacques.  But then how would
Albert have missed the letter?  (given that Leland/Leland didn't
have motive or opportunity to do it, but maybe BOB/? did).
and the fact that it's the wedding ring finger and always with
females seems significant--maybe there's been another murder/
battery in some other part of the state (or Canada) that's yet
to be revealed?

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