Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: A Brand New TP, at last!
From: collier@hpsmpk.HP.COM (Mark Collier)
Date: 1990-11-16, 13:09

/ (Tim Shippert) /  2:07 pm  Nov 12, 1990 /

> >                              I was amazed at the power in the last few
> > scenes.  Maddy's murder was the most brutal thing I have ever seen on TV;
> > it wasn't the "fun" violence that you see on cop or action shows, or even
> > on regular "dramas".  It rang very true, with the sickening sounds of
> > impact and the force of the blows, and the crying and confusion and horror
> > of it all.

I felt the same as you did. However, the part of Maddy's attack which made the
biggest impression on me was when Maddy actually broke free of Leland/BOB's
grasp for a few seconds and ended up in the far right corner of the room behind
a stool. Unable to run very fast because of her shoes, skirt, or fear, she
looked absolutely helpless even when it looked like she might escape by
running past BOB to his right. Sheryl Lee's performance was wonderful; she was
absolutely terrified and, to me, managed to convey an intuition that she *knew*
she couldn't escape even when it looked like she might.

Mark Collier