Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: burning smell
From: (Mike D Marchionna)
Date: 1990-11-16, 10:23
Newsgroups: (Ed Hughes) writes:

> >I agree--BOB apparently is present when Leland is violent.
> >It's strange, though, that Jacoby doesn't recall a burning
> >smell from the park, because I'm almost certain that it was
> >Leland who attacked him.  Of course, maybe BOB only cares to
> >show up when killing is going to be done.  He *is* Killer Bob,
> >after all--he's got his image to think about.
> >Why a smell of scorched engine oil?  Perhaps the person who
> >BOB once was died in some kind of car fire.  Or maybe BOB
> >just stands for Burning Oil Boy.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

You should rewatch Jacoby's hypnosis scene again.  Jacoby cleary changes his
story.  He states that the burning smell was not in the hospital, but rather
earlier that evening when he was in the park.  Which indicates that Jacoby
was attacked by ?/BOB while Jacques was killed by Leland/Leland.

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