Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

From: (Rick McCarty)
Date: 1990-11-16, 09:02
Newsgroups: news.groups,,alt.config

In article <> kreme@isis.UUCP (Fred Zeats IV) writes:
> >In article <> (Fuzzy Fox) writes:
>> >>In article <> (Rick McCarty) writes:
>>> >>>Hey dude!  The NAME of a group has nothing to do with the ability to get
>>> >>>a feed.
>> >>This is not strictly true. 
> >
> >Actually, this is not true AT ALL.  The reason that the deisgnations exist
> >is so that entire classes of groups can be excluded.  Many machines do not
> >receive the alt groups at all.  many don;t receive talk groups.  That's why
> >the heirarchy exists.
> >
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Still, I believe my point stands.  If you don't have it, you can most surely
get a feed for it SOMEWHERE!  The name does not PREVENT you from obtaining
a feed.