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Subject: Re: I am creating
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-11-16, 22:33

I love it -- really, I do.

At lunchtime Friday, our nameless friend 'rslugg' is seized with an

> >Could people please not cite the diary in this newsgroup, except when Coop
> >or someone reads from it.  As one post has suggested, the "ultra-secret"
> >diary of Laura Palmer could be used to justify any oddball theory.
> >Perhaps an group needs to be formed for those who
> >try to mix the two sources.  Lets keep this group confined to facts and
> >observations obtainable from from still-frames or slo-mo on a good VCR,
> >and speculations based on facts, not on other speculations.  

Everybody got that?  The newsgroup traffic is heavy because we're
quoting the "ultra-secret" diary.  (Apparently a working definition of
"ultra-secret" is "rslugg didn't buy a copy.")  If we could just stop
quoting it, or quote it in some other newsgroup!, then things would die
down and rslugg would be happy.  Only the TV show itself, plus VCR
freeze-framing (I guess it's OK to discriminate against non-VCR viewers
since rslugg has one, huh) should be allowed in.  By rights this also
should mean that Mark Frost interviews, TV Guide excerpts, and series
renewal announcements are also off limits, since they didn't appear in
the TV show either.  Maybe EACH of those things should get its own
newsgroup too!

> >                                                             I have seen
> >so many posts that senor drool cup is the giants host that I almost feel I
> >as though it is an established fact, like SDC was transformed into the
> >giant on stage, not Julie Cruise.

This is apparently meant to be an example of what happens when we quote
that nasty old diary, although *I* for one can't find the room service
waiter, the Giant *or* JulEe Cruise mentioned in it.  Maybe there's a
SECOND secret diary??


Well, never mind, because by 5pm that same afternoon, rslugg has had it!
Time's up, results are in, this can't go on any longer!

> >

			Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: I am creating
> >
> >Thre traffic to is becoming huge, and a large part of this is
> >because of people posting excerpts from the diary.  

Sound familiar?

> >                                                    The diary isn't helping,
> >it's pages can support any theory!  Please discuss excerpts from the super-
> >secret diary in
> >:wq!
 ^^^^ why keep your choice of editor under a bushel, eh!  :-)


Anyway this is all horse****.  Anyone who doesn't want to read postings
mentioning the diary can filter them with a newsreader kill file.  In rn
it would go


and there are equivalents for other packages.  Splitting the newsgroups
along lines of PERSONAL preference is damfool nonsense.  There are at
least five splits I could think of with more justification than this
lamebrained proposal, and they're all equally bad ideas.

Lastly, floating an idea like that and then bulling on through with it
five hours later without a single followup or response having appeared
in the interim, is strictly amateur hour.

-- US out of North America, NOW!! /: Tom Neff -- Richard O'Rourke :/ tneff%bfmny0@UUNET.UU.NET