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Subject: Re: Re: Odd Things (Navy in town)
From: evanh@sco.COM (Evan A.C. Hunt)
Date: 1990-11-16, 19:39
Reply-to: evanh (Evan A.C. Hunt)

I am for you, (Doug Krause).
> >In Episode 1 Cooper says to Diane that Twin Peaks is 5 miles south of the
> >Canadian border and 12 miles east of the *state* border.  No state speci-
> >fied at that time.

	I'm not sure if you're joking, but in case you aren't: There're
only two states bordering Washington, and only one of them reaches as
far as Canada--Idaho.  Maybe lynchfrost rearranged the state borders
in their fictional Washington, but there've been no other signs of
major geographic shuffling.

	(Moving the Cascade range a few hundred miles to the right
doesn't count as "major geographic shuffling," as far as I'm concerned.
Happens all the time 'round these parts. :) )

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