Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Pre-empting TP..
From: (David Ernest Coufal)
Date: 1990-11-16, 12:11

In message <3314@jaytee.East.Sun.COM> bdowning@otc.East.Sun.COM (Bill Downing - Sun BOS Human Resources) writes:

> >Any truth to the rumor that TP will be pre-empted 11-24-90 by the Notre Dame foo
> >tball game??

I called ABC here in Los Angeles, and they said that Twin Peaks WILL be
preempted on November 24. They will be showing a movie instead.
I assume the same thing will be happening all over the country.

> >How many episodes of TP will be shown this season total?

The L.A. Times reported last Monday that ABC ordered 9 more
episodes to make a full season of Twin Peaks. I assume this
means that there will be 22 episodes.
-- Dave Coufal --

"Is this real, or some strange and twisted dream?"
- Jerry Horne, _Twin Peaks_