Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP 11/10/90 *SPOILERS* from hell!
From: ("Lefty")
Date: 1990-11-16, 10:57

In article <> (Gary Newell) 
> > Yeah - great, everyone loses as the show takes the easy way out... I'm
> > impressed...

Yeah, great, everyone loses AS YOU CONTINUE TO POST TO THIS GROUP!

Why do you do it?  Why do you watch the show if you hate it so much?  Are 
you some sort of masochist?  Why don't you watch a show that you can 
appreciate, like "Tiny Toons" or "Captain Planet" and leave the rest of us 

Better still, the next time Twin Peaks comes on, why don't you turn off 
the TV by shorting it out at the outlet with your tongue.  Instructive for 
you, and a much needed relief for the rest of us, eh?

Lefty  (              |          "And you may ask yourself,
D:.O:.D:., C:.M:.C:.                |             'How do I work this?'"