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Subject: Some other points
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-11-16, 01:04


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Now to business...

 * Perhaps the blue drug's purpose is to help the user SUPPRESS or fight
being taken over by inhabiting spirits; or maybe to fight against the
influence of certain *kinds* of spirits.  Gerard feels faint in the
stationhouse, heads to the bathroom, and tries but apparently fails to
inject himself; afterwards it appears to be MIKE saying "BOB I know
you're out there."  So, was the drug to keep MIKE away, or BOB?  Then in
the hospital we see Ronette coming out of her coma and seeing horrible
visions.  Later we see Cooper and Albert coming into her room and
noticing the blue IV.  So, which is cause and which effect?  Was the
blue stuff put there to GIVE her the vision, or to fight it?  Also,
either way, was the vision "good news" or bad?  For instance, did her
coma represent enthrallment to the evil spirits, until MIKE administered
the drug and dragged her out of it kicking and screaming?

 * I disagree with Newell that this stuff makes no sense.  I think it
makes all too MUCH sense... only you can't be lazy about watching, or
you won't be able to keep up.  Which is definitely out of character for
network TV!  Some people like their mysteries laid out all neat and
schematic with no distractions; but that's not the only valid approach.
I think Newell's grousing about red herrings and unseemly Lynch-worship 
is mostly sour grapes.  TWIN PEAKS is not like MTV or blue jeans
commercials, which truly do pander to viewer mindlessness.  PEAKS just
panders to viewer weirdness.  Lynch has always had a love-hate rep, and
we're seeing it in action here.

 * Audrey's life isn't worth a plugged nickel now.  Ben would rather
have her out of the way than risk his empire, I betcha.

 * I don't think it matters what gestures MIKE seemed to be making when
his host Gerard collapsed, because he had ALREADY pointed!  When the
blue drug wore off and MIKE first took over, in the interrogation scene,
Cooper slides the BOB drawing in front of him and MIKE emphatically
sticks his finger out and POINTS to Bob's face!  Close up shot of this.
I think THAT was the exact fulfillment of the prophecy "without
chemicals, he points."  Remember that the Giant's predictions are not
clues in themselves, but reminders of predestination like Jesus saying
"you will deny me thrice before the cock crows."

 * Speaking of special effects, did you notice that they sped up the
action (by frame culling) when Nadine lifted that refrigerator door?
The suggestion of superhuman strength was amusing, even if they're not
fooling anyone.

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