Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: January 12 At Last!
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1991-01-12, 20:38

SPOILERS if you live in some benighted time zone where it's still

This is just preliminary.

 * I believe they re-recorded the opening theme.  The reverb in the
synthesizer is now much more pronounced, and some of the little
phrasings have changed.  I have a pretty good ear for this type of
thing.  Did they need to re-record to meet new time limits on the
opening credits, or did they just decide it would be a good thing?
Insider dope requested.

 * Surely we can put to bed once and for all the question of whether
TWIN PEAKS is really a soap opera or something else/more.  It's just a
soap opera!  Really.  But -- it is a soap opera of major, grandiloquent
stature, with fearlessly psychic overtones and a fascinating hand picked
ensemble.  It is, in fact, HILL STREET BLUES meets DARK SHADOWS.  And I
could think of far worse ways to spend an hour of my Saturday nights.

 * Nor -- mark this date, boys -- did Caleb Deschanel do a bad job with
this one, did he?  Hey, when the mission is to paint emotional
vignettes, this guy's got the stuff.  Just don't ask him to move the
action along in some meaningful way when there's a murder mystery afoot,
and everything is cool.  Was that after-hours scene in the Sheriff's
office exquisite, or what?

 * Also, best director's moment in quite a while -- that throwaway line
of Cooper's as Denise exits his room at the Great Northern.  Could have
been lame, but came out riotous.

 * Anyway, they can do anything they want to, I don't care: I got the
Major back!