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Subject: Re: ^TP^ Hotline Info and other such stuff
From: (Peter Marshall)
Date: 1991-01-13, 20:07

In article <> (Jeffrey Koga) writes:
> >
> >I know that there is _Laura Palmer's Secret Diary_,
> >"The Tapes of Agent Dale Cooper", the "Twin Peaks"
> >soundtrack, the Julee Cruise album "Floating Into
> >the Night" (which features some songs that weren't
> >in the ^TP^ soundtrack), David Lynch's "Industrial
> >Symphony No. 1" (videos from "Floating Into the
> >Night", and ^TP^ T-shirts.  Questions: What do each
> >of the T-shirts look like?  Where can I find the
> >^TP^ posters?  (I saw one in the background of a
> >photo in _Newsweek_ last year)  Is there a ^TP^ 1991
> >Calendar?  Is there any other ^TP^ merchandise that
> >I'm missing?
The Jan/Feb issue of ``Mother Jones'' has a small add on p.8:
                 MOVE TO
               TWIN PEAKS

Subscribe to the Twin Peaks Gazette and receive:

12 Monthly issues filled with ... [all sorts of stuff]
Your personal address in Twin Peaks
A genuine Twin Peaks Sheriff's department
coffee mug (for that darn fine cup of coffee!)

(ordering information deleted)

Written in Cooperation with 
David Lynch and Mark Frost
(c) 1990 Twin Peaks Productions, All rights reserved.
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