Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The James Subplot(was Re: Major Briggs is Back!)
From: (Dennis Doubleday)
Date: 1991-01-13, 17:11
Newsgroups: (elizabeth e. leclair) writes:
> >--   Crticism of the week:  I'm dissapointed that we now have yet another
> >     battered wife in the show.  The James subplot is bad enough without
> >     still more intimations and/or displays of woman-beating, as we had in
> >     the Shelley-Leo encounters.  I guess now that Leo is spitting up soup
> >     the writers felt we had to return to the maintain the previous quotient
> >     by providing yet another beautiful female trapped by her husband,
> >     ready to be saved by her boyfriend.  Sick and pointless.

I have this feeling that that whole subplot is going to be a BODY HEAT
type of setup.  James is probably being set up as the fall guy in a
scheme to murder the rich woman's husband.  Her "brother" probably
isn't really her brother at all; more likely he's her lover.  She
married for the money.  Now the wife and the "brother" are conspiring
to convince James of abuse that isn't really happening.  When James
met her at the bar, she was probably trolling for someone dumb-looking
to play the dupe in a scheme that will leave him a murder suspect.

Or maybe not.

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