Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: ^TP^ Hotline Info and other such stuff
Date: 1991-01-14, 05:01

In article <>, (Jeffrey Koga) writes:
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> > I saw the 1/12 episode of ^TP^, and now I have some
> > questions that I hope can be answered (as well as
> > some comments): What was Lucy looking for before she
> > answered the phone?  Does Hawk have a thing for
> > Mayor Milford's brother's widow?  (Or was I just
> > imagining that?)  Bob appears to be in Nicky now, or
> > will soon be.  Reason: Leland was a boy when Bob
> > possessed him.  Also, Nicky's parents were murdered,
> > and he is traumatized from that.  And trouble
> > follows him wherever he goes.  Perfect for Bob.

Our TP-group watched and debated this as well -- and my immediate
reaction to the Kid was "He's Bob!"  However, the rest of the
gang disagreed with me, feeling little Nicky was something else
entirly -- and that Bob will *not* be that easy to spot, nor will
we see him so soon.

> > Answers to my questions/comments on my comments can
> > either be posted here or to me:
> >
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> > 6600koga@ucsbuxa.bitnet
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> >                      --Thanks in advance,
> >                        Jeff "Koganuts" Koga

Eric, Lord Sabre

"Bob is God," --honest quote from the Maine Summer Humanities Program,
in 1985, at Bowdoin College.