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Subject: Re: Audio strangeness on 12-JAN-91
From: (Tiny Bubbles...)
Date: 1991-01-14, 16:09

In <62082@bbn.BBN.COM> (Scott Minkin) writes:

> >Did anyone but me notice that the audio for the voice dropped out at several
> >different points during this TP?  I was watching it on videotape the day after
> >it aired and found that some scenes, most memorably the first scene with Ben
> >and Bobby, I could hear the "background" music loud and clear, but the dialogue
> >was extremely faint early on.  Also the scene with James and his new boss's
> >brother had some garbled dialogue.

I just got a "Hi-Fi" VCR which decodes TV stereo (but not surround sound).

With it, I noticed an audible "clicking" sometimes, and I'm betting that 
these clicks would correspond to times when the voices seem to drop out.
Others have speculated that these are for surround sound -- anyone got
a surround decoder?

I also noticed that during the thunderstorm scene when the Major reappears,
his query "How long have I been gone?" was nearly inaudible under the 
thunder and lightning and such.  On the TV, it was much clearer.

I don't think that's the fault of surround sound, though.  That's mostly
because I'm piping the output through the stereo, and the thunder boomed
the voice right back.  A TV speaker can't reproduce the booming, so the
voice is easier to hear.  At least, that's what I think.
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