Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Is David Lynch creepy?
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1991-01-14, 11:30

In article <1080@sppy00.UUCP> jds@sppy00.UUCP (SOUTHERN JAMES D) writes:
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> >The following article appeared in the Jan./Feb. 1991 edition of the Utne
> >Reader. 
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> >Is David Lynch Creepier Than His Movies?
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> >Why would an upper middle-class audience develop such a fascination with a 
> >troubled, shocking world so different from their own? 
Why does the writer assume that this Twin Peaks world is much different
from ordinary life?  It's remarkable like my world, as I see it, and I am
not a particularily unusual person.
> >....a world where everyone is abnormal, 
> >where everyone is handicapped, mentally or physically, where violence and
> >rape are everyday occurrences? Media scholars constantly debate whether
> >film and television are reflections of society or forces shaping it. 
> >Either way, when someone like David Lynch becomes a popular icon, his 
> >anti-female, anti-minority, anti-poor folks, avant-garde fantasy world
> >becomes truely frightening. 

If we don't already live in an anti-female, anti-minority, anti-poor folks
world, I'll  be very much surprised.
Everywhere I see injured and handicapped people who (and this is the really
scarey part) don't realize it. And everywhere I see wonderful excentrics
of the D Lynch sort. The norm does not exist.