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Subject: Re: Major Briggs is Back!
From: mke@kaberd.UUCP (Mike Miller)
Date: 1991-01-14, 10:25

]From 3cpu!percy!qiclab!pdxgate!tektronix!!uunet!!att!linac!midway!!lecl Mon Jan 14 10:19:32 PST 1991
]    First, a brief editorial comment on the return of TP:        
]   There were about twenty people gathered in festive mood for our ritual
]of cultural renewal (i.e., watching TP) in the big-screen television room
]last night.  It's a social experience that goes a long way.      
]   My thoughts:
]  -- In a single episode, Major Briggs has, IMHO, become the central figure
]     of mystery in the town of Twin Peaks.  Remember the first few episdoes
]     when he was just a mere militaristic shell, commander of a disfuntional
]     family?  The narrative style developing his character has been patient 
]     and great.  First his revelead "vision" to Bobby-- corny but it linked
]     him with other visionaries such as Coop.  Then the owl message, and much
]     later the conversation about the White Lodge.  During his absence, Lynch
]     indirectly builds his character into something big; note the scene 
]     where the Air Force commander suggests Briggs' capacity for some awesome
]     power.  Finally, when Mrs. Briggs is sitting up on the sofa during the
]     ominous storm (when was the last time you saw HER?), we get her sense
]     of loss, but at the same time we know she knows more than we do about
]     the Major's abilities and his disappearences.  

]        When the Major reappeared as a weary aviator, materializing in the
]     midst of a blackout and reuniting with his wife--  wow.  What a terribly
]     human, but at the same time otherworldy scene.  Who else besides the
]     giant can come and go like that?
]        The TP bonus question (besides "WHERE is BOB?") is "WHAT is Major
]     Briggs?"
I agree.  What the heck is Major Briggs anyway?  You forgot to mention the 
scene where he shows Cooper the "COOPER^3"  printout.  This also showed
him to be more then he had at first seemed.
]--   Crticism of the week:  I'm dissapointed that we now have yet another
]     battered wife in the show.  The James subplot is bad enough without
]     still more intimations and/or displays of woman-beating, as we had in
]     the Shelley-Leo encounters.  I guess now that Leo is spitting up soup
]     the writers felt we had to return to the maintain the previous quotient
]     by providing yet another beautiful female trapped by her husband,
]     ready to be saved by her boyfriend.  Sick and pointless.

I think it far more likely that James is being manipulated by (I can't remember
her name.)  and her brother.  I suspect that the story they are telling is 
atleast partially false.  We'll find out eventually I guess.  Of course,
I don't find myself caring very much about this subplot.  Compared to the Cooper
/Major Briggs one it is very dull.
]  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  At least now there is some material
]  to talk about!
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