Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Major Briggs is Back!
From: (Jim Halpin)
Date: 1991-01-14, 10:00

In article <>, (elizabeth e. leclair) writes...
> >     Finally, when Mrs. Briggs is sitting up on the sofa during the
> >     ominous storm (when was the last time you saw HER?), we get her sense
> >     of loss, but at the same time we know she knows more than we do about
> >     the Major's abilities and his disappearences.  

	Actually it hasn't been very long since we've seen Mrs. Briggs. IN the
previous episode she was in a scene with Cooper and Truman discussing the Major's
disappearance. In that scene, she says it not the 1st time the Major has disappeared
suddenly. She also hints that it is related to his miltary position!!!

Jim Halpin
		--or-- ...!decwrl!!j_halpin