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Subject: Re: TP: SPOILERS: 12 Jan 91 Episode...
Date: 1991-01-14, 09:18

In article <3906@eastapps.East.Sun.COM>, bdowning@otc.East.Sun.COM (Bill Downing - Sun BOS Human Resources) writes:
> > SPOILERS for 12 Jan 91 show follow:
> > 
> > 1. Best quote from show: Denise saying...
> > 
> > "Hey, I may wear a dress, but I put on my panties one leg at a time."
> > 
> > or words to that effect. 

Our TP gang thought that Hawk had the winner with "When something big
goes down, I'm the man."

> > 6. Question: What was the fabric badge that Coop was holding? Looked like
> > a fir tree with a sword in the background...

The bookhouse boys patch Truman gave him at the end of the WKLP plot.

> > 7. Nuther question: Was the domino that, I assume Hank, was holding from
> > One-Eyed Jacks? What was the significance of bothering to show it?

The number changes as he offs people.  Could be he's about to strike again.

--Cool Bean
-- **This is not cultural.