Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Is Nicky the Kreamed Korn Kid?
Date: 1991-01-15, 16:42

While we were watching the scene where Nicky (appeasrs to) topples the jeep
onto Dicky-Wicky, my wife asked if he was playeed by the boy who played the
Kreamed Korn Kid (Pierre Tremond?).  

I looked at the credits thoughtfully posted on the board, and apparently it
isn't the same actor.  Questions:

* Who played the KKK? Someone connected to Lynch/Frost et al? DL's son? m

* who in the credits is listed as (Everett?) Frost?                               

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work; please ignore: Scott]

* Could there be any connection between Nicky and the KKK?  All these little
kids with all these supernatural powers (I liked "recurring Random
misfortunes" that have befallen Nicky). He reminds me of the kid in the
Twilight Zone Movie who could wish for anything, and terrorized the adults
around him.  What sort of wonderfully nasty things could he do to Uncle Andy?

Please post comments.
--->Daniel pedersen