Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: ^TP^ Hotline Info and other such stuff
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Date: 1991-01-15, 06:01

In article <> (Jeffrey Koga) writes:
> >I saw the 1/12 episode of ^TP^, and now I have some
> >questions that I hope can be answered (as well as
> >some comments): What was Lucy looking for before she
> >answered the phone?  Does Hawk have a thing for
> >Mayor Milford's brother's widow?  (Or was I just
> >imagining that?)  Bob appears to be in Nicky now, or
> >will soon be.	Reason: Leland was a boy when Bob
> >possessed him.  Also, Nicky's parents were murdered,
> >and he is traumatized from that.  And trouble
> >follows him wherever he goes.	Perfect for Bob.

BOB could be in Nicky, but the fact that trouble has been following Nicky
bothers me.  Couldn't it be that Nicky has been posessed all along by
something else?  What if Nicky himself killed his parents?  That would mean
that whatever his problem is, it isn't BOB.  Maybe he's even just a
telekinetic with a bad attitude.

(Hey, I'm just theorizing.  Only time will tell.)

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