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Subject: Re: 1-12-1991 ***> SPOILERS, more than likely
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1991-01-15, 22:55

In article <1931@harlie.tegra.COM>, phillips@tegra.COM (Steve Phillips) writes...

} In article <> (Janet M. Swisher) writes:

}} Jacoby smelled the burnt-oil smell *at the gazebo* when he was attacked,
}} NOT during Jacques' murder. Remember: he changed his story under hypnosis.  

} An alternative explanation is that maybe Jacoby smelled the burnt oil smell
} at both places.  He said pretty clearly that he smelled it in the hospital,
} so I don't see why we shouldn't believe him.

Because, when Cooper asked him about the smell under hypnosis, Jacoby
*explicitly* said, "No, that was the gazebo."  This suggests
strongly that Jacoby did *not* smell the "scorched engine oil" odor in the

} After all, it was Leland/BOB who committed both crimes.

Do you have evidence that we don't?

Let's look at the facts:

Jacoby smells "scorched engine oil" at the gazebo when he was attacked.
Maddy smells something (but we don't know what) just before BOB kills her.
We are *assuming* that there is a connection between the two odors and that
they indicate the presence of BOB.

(Note, however, that -- as far as we know -- the guard outside Ronnette's
room at the hospital detected no odor when BOB slipped the letter under her
nail. Also, no mention is made of the odor when Leland becomes BOB in the
Sheriff's lockup.)

Furthermore, it is *only* our assumption that the two odors are connected
that suggest that Leland/BOB was the one who attacked Jacoby at the gazebo.
Otherwise, there is no evidence that he did so.

It also seems pretty clear that Leland was Leland when he killed Jacques,
and was not possessed by BOB at the time. For one, the murder doesn't fit
BOB's m.o.

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