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Subject: Re: Audio strangeness on 12-JAN-91
From: (steven.r.houser)
Date: 1991-01-15, 06:23

In article <> (Jack N Holt) writes:
> >In article <62082@bbn.BBN.COM> sminkin@BBN.COM () writes:
>> >>Did anyone but me notice that the audio for the voice dropped out at several
>> >>different points during this TP?  I was watching it on videotape the day after
>> >>it aired and found that some scenes, most memorably the first scene with Ben
>> >>and Bobby,I could hear the "background" music loud and clear, but the dialogue
>> >>was extremely faint early on.  Also the scene with James and his new boss's
>> >>brother had some garbled dialogue.
>> >>
>> >>Does it mean anything?  I don't think it was my VCR as my girlfriend who
>> >>lives in a different town taped it and noticed the same things on her tape.
> >
> >I had the same problem.  In fact, I've seen (heard) the same thing several
> >times on channel 5 (ST:TNG mostly).  I've heard of this happening with a few
> >other stations around the country, too, though usually the whole soundtrack
> >"drops out" for a while.  I guess TP's surround sound has something to do with
> >still getting the background sound.  The problem must be somewhere at 
> >channel 5, though I don't have enough experience with video equipment to guess
> >exactly what's going wrong.  

The same thing has happened several times here in Columbus, Ohio.

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