Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Ben
From: (Josh Hodas)
Date: 1991-01-15, 07:49

In article <>, (Eugene Kushnirsky) writes:
|>In article <> (Ann Hodgins) writes:
|>>I defend Ben against charges that he is the new host for BOB.
|>>I see his current condition as a natural and somewhat healthy
|>>response to shock. 
|>I HATE what they've done to Ben's character. There is nothing "natural" about
|>his state; this is the writers trying for supposed comic relief. Leland's
|>dead, Jacoby's nowhere to be seen--"Oh," they say, "we need a new oddball
|>character! How about the kooky next-door-neighbor....No, what if we take a
|>strong character and make him go nuts? Ha ha! Let's say that spending
a couple
|>of nights in jail has caused Ben Horne to flip! Hey, yeah, he's completely 
|>rational now, but what if YOU were forced to endure the horror and
|>of the Twin Peaks county jail--you'd suddenly become obsessed with the Civil
|>War too! Yeah, let's do that, so we can spend more time putting wacky thought
|>balloons over Andy's head!"

You miss the point, he's not in shock from being in jail,
he's in shock from losing his empire.

Remember, he gave his 5 million dollar check from "Mr. Hashimura"
to Josie, then he was coerced by Catherine into signing over his 
rights to the Ghostwood Estates Project and the saw mill.  

What's worse is that he didn't need to give in to Catherine (who said
she would only reappear and clear him of Laura's murder -- he was
with Catherine that night) since just a short time later Leland/Bob
was found out.

Also, he lost one-eyed-jack's to Jean Renault.

BTW: This has been bothering me for a while.  When Maddy  was missing,
     Leland/Bob told her mother that he had put her on the bus that morning.
     This seemed stupid since when she was found the autopsy would certainly
     show that she had been killed the night before.  This seems uncharacter-
     istically sloppy for Bob.

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