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Subject: Re: Coop + Widow?
From: phillips@tegra.COM (Steve Phillips)
Date: 1991-01-15, 12:22
Reply-to: phillips@io.UUCP (Steve Phillips)

In article <> cheng-fred@CS.YALE.EDU (Fred Cheng) writes:
> >I doubt that I'm the only one who's thought of this, but so far, I haven't
> >seen the idea posted, so here 'goes:
> >I remember reading that they ("they" being the makers of TP) were
> >going to have Coop fall in love.  My guess is that the lucky recipient of 
> >the  good agent's affections will be Dougie's widow.

I seem to recall that "they" didn't exactly say Cooper was going to
fall in love; it was more like he was going to become involved
in another romantic situation.  My theory is that Denise has the hots for
Cooper and is going to make her intentions known to him "real soon now."

This is the real source of the tension in this week's Audrey/Denise/Cooper
scene.  Denise and Audrey really are competing for Cooper even though the
audience doesn't know it yet.
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