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Subject: Re: Coop, Denise & Audrey (Was Re: Coop + Widow?
From: Daniel Pedersen - Keren's Daddy
Date: 1991-01-15, 16:21

In article <1929@io.tegra.COM>, phillips@tegra.COM (Steve Phillips) writes...

> >This is the real source of the tension in this week's Audrey/Denise/Cooper
> >scene.  Denise and Audrey really are competing for Cooper even though the
> >audience doesn't know it yet.

So Denise/Dennis' remarks that made it quite obvious that he(she) is VERY
interested in Audrey are just to throw Coop off the track?  I don't think so.
It's quite a confusing way to tell someone you're attracted to him:  "I'm
into women, not men - especially that little one who is so hot for you"
and then "Oh, I'm really after you, Coop!"  That seems like a bit much.
Also, Coop and Dennis have known each other for a long time as men - it seems
to me that that would get in the way of any love interest Denise _might_ have
for Coop.

I'm in about as much dark as Coop is about the meaning of "putting panties on
one leg at a time."  Can anyone enlighten this poor soul who usually doesn't
wear panties?  

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